Setup DollarVPN on Android device

  • Created : Mar, 03, 2019
  • Last Updated: Mar, 03, 2019


1. Open your browser on your computer and go to android configuration files.

2.  Unzip the Zipped file it should look like this

• Extract the folders and take out all the openvpn files from the folders and place them all in one folder 

 send the extracted files to yourself in email to yourself from your computer. Then download them on your android device.

3. Go to the Google Play App store.

4. Tap on the search button in the App store.

5. Search for the app called OpenVPN Connect.

6. Install the application into your device.

7. Accept to the pop-out terms.

8. Open the application.

9. Tap on the menu button on the top-right screen in the application.

10. Tap on Import in the dropdown.

11. Choose Import profile from SD card and find the downloaded configuration files (they will be downloaded to the downloads folder by default).

12. Tap on one of the configuration file and import it.

13. Accept the profile.

14. Perform steps 9 to 13 and add other server configurations into the app.

15. Select a server by tapping on the box with a dropdown menu and choosing one server

16. Enter your DollarVPN account credentials, which can be found on the dashboard

17. Tap on Connect.

18. Continue to connect without a certificate.

19. You have successfully connected.

20. To disconnect from the server tap on Disconnect button.