Manually setup DollarVPN on your iOS Device

  • Created : Mar, 02, 2019
  • Last Updated: Mar, 02, 2019

Here is how to setup OpenVPN on your iOS

Please follow below steps to configure DollarVPN manually on iPhone OpenVPN:

1. Search for "OpenVPN Connect" on App store and download the application.

2 Once Application is downloaded successfully “OpenVPN” icon will appear on the screen.

3 Do the following:

Go to your computer

Download the OpenVPN Config files from here: (click here to download openvpn configs)

Unzip the Zipped file it should look like this


• Extract the folders and take out all the openvpn files from the folders and place them all in one folder 

 send the extracted files to yourself in email to yourself from your computer. This will allow you to access them from your iOS device.

Go to your IOS Device and open up the email you sent and copy all the OpenVPN Configuration files into the OpenVPN App you installed 

4. Now go to your dashboard and find your VPN Username and Password 

5 Now go back to the “OpenVPN” App you installed and Tap on “Add” on all the servers

• In the Username type in the VPN Username you find our panel and tap «Save Password» and then type in the VPN password you have in your panel. 

You have now completely added our vpn servers to the client, allow all pop-ups that occur while adding new servers.